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Prestressed and Suspended Structures

Our company performs prestressing and suspension using approved Mekano4 systems. We are the exclusive distributor of Mekano4 in Poland. 

Konstrukcje spezone i podwieszone
Konstrukcje spezone i podwieszone

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of engineering structures

We offer well thought out and proven prestressing systems. Our products have been successfully used on infrastructural construction sites as well as in cubature and industrial buildings. With a wide range of products, with the necessary approvals and certificates, we are able to meet all the requirements of modern engineering structures. 

The complete offer of our construction prestressing systems:

  • Single tendon prestressing systems with bonded and unbonded tendons, 
  • Internal or external prestressing systems using from 4 to 37 tendons, 
  • Bar compression systems, 
  • Flat slab type structures — tensioning of ceilings, deck slabs, 
  • Tensioning systems for silos and tanks, 
  • Design of engineering structures using prestressing.  

Suspensions for engineering structures

The advances in suspended structures comes from the need to cover longer spans more economically and the need to build structures that stand out in infrastructure networks. 
The progress has followed developments in structural analysis that have overcome computational hurdles since the renaissance of rope bridge typology in 1955. 
Konstrukcje spezone i podwieszone
Konstrukcje spezone i podwieszone

Insert MK4

Since its inception, the MK4 has been involved in the design and installation of cable suspensions for bridges and all kinds of diverse support structures. The MK4 staff, with over 25 years of experience in cable suspension technology, have worked with DMK Stay to develop a DMK longitudinal tendons system that meets the most demanding project requirements. 

DMK Stay is the latest generation of cable suspensions.
It is based on a package of compression strands that run
in a global polyethylene channel. The strands are anchored
through the wedge system in the DMK anchor heads

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