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Ostróda MS-30.1

Comprehensive construction of a bridge
structure using cantilever method 

Road S7, Ostróda MS-30.1

The specificity of the project: 

  • Slant angle: 90.0o
  • Span arrangement: Ltp = 55.0 + 100.0 + 55.0 m _ right lane, Ltl= 65.0 + 100.0 + 55.0 m _ left lane, 
  • Total length: Lcp= 211.8 m _ right lane, Lcl= 221.8 m _ left line, 
  • Total width of the structure: Bc= 19.3 + 0.1 (clearance between lanes) + 17.6 = 37.
A three-span, variable box girder-section, single-chamber prestressed concrete structure. The cross-section of the load bearing structure of each lane is a box girder consisting of one chamber with a variable height from 2.35 m to 5.80 m. The top plate of the box is 25 cm thick, which increases to 45 cm at the point of attachment with a 2.40 m long bevel. Bottom slab thickness from 25 cm to 80 cm (smooth increase of slab thickness according to the increase of section height towards the pillars). Webs 60 cm thick at a distance of 21 m from the in-water pier and 45 cm thick in the rest of the structure. At the junction of the bottom slab with the webs, a 0.15 m thickening of the slab was applied over a width of 1.8 m (smooth transition to the original thickness by a 0.25 × 0.15 m bevel). 
Installation technology: 

The load bearing structure is executed in stages using the balanced cantilever method by concreting in the mobile formworks. 

  • Foundation concrete C30/37: 2527.0 m3
  • Reinforcement steel for foundations Class A-III: 207 208.0 kg, 
  • Support concrete C30/37: 1633.0 m3
  • Reinforcement steel for supports Class A-III: 198 837.0 kg, 
  • Concrete C50/60 for load bearing system: 6445.0 m3
  • Reinforcement steel for load bearing system Class A-III: 1 111 271.0 kg, 
  • Prestressing steel: 254 114.0 kg, 
  • Concrete C30/37 for bridge deck overhang: 410.5 m3
  • Reinforcement steel for load bearing system Class A-III: 48 882.0 kg.

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