Overpass 6.7.8 route S7 Kraków – Rabka Zdrój

The specificity of the project: 

The purpose of the structure has been to lead the expressway through an area with is formation line located at a height that makes it impossible to build a road embankment (the elevation is approx. 14 m above the ground level). Moreover, the structure allows for an impact-free routing of the expressway over collector roads and watercourses. 

Length of the structure: 
  • Left: 574.62 m,
  • Right: 571.31 m.
The load bearing structure under each roadway is a nine-span continuous beam. The span girders were designed as a box section with variable height for all spans. The load bearing structure was designed as single-chamber box girders. 
  • Number of roadways: 2.

The abutments of the structure were designed as a system of massive front and side walls. In addition, suspended abutment wingwalls are provided at the ends of the side walls. Separate abutment structures have been designed for each roadway, separated from each other in the dividing strip. 
One type of pillar of variable height up to 17 m has been designed for the load bearing  structure, on which the supporting structure is based. All supports were founded with single foundations, directly on franki type piles. 

Project scope: 

Foundations and abutments were made traditionally using system formwork.  
Intermediate supports were made using climbing scaffolding system in sections of about 5 meters each. 
The load bearing  structure was made in the Movable Scaffolding System – the MSS method. The biggest challenge was the construction of the load-bearing structure of the bridge, which has a variable grade line along its length. 
Protection of the abutment against a landslide was executed as a retaining wall consisting of CFA piles additionally anchored with ground anchors. 
Supporting structure — C50/60 concrete.  
Prestressing steel with a strength of 1860 MPa. 
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