Bridge over the Dunajec river
in Kurów in the course of Provincial Road No. 75


The specificity of the project: 

The load-bearing structure of the bridge has been designed as a four-span continuous beam, supported on pillars with bearings. The cross-section of the load-bearing structure is a prestressed box girder with cantilevers of a fixed height of 4 m. The box of the load-bearing structure is suspended by cables to the pylons connected to the span structure. Structural system — Extradosed type. The structure has been built using incremental launching method — the superstructure has been divided into 22 segments. The launching has been realized from the side of the abutment E. To execute the launching was used a launching nose with a length of 30.0 m and a height of 4.00 m at the structure connection. The launching nose was connected to the structure using 3.0 m long and 4.0 m high anchor blocks. The connection to the supporting structure is made using 7-splice prestressing cables. 
The launching will be carried out by means of two lifting and sliding devices mounted on the support E. 

Parameters of the launching device: 
  • Maximum sliding force: 9120 kN, 
  • Maximum lifting force: 22 000 kN. 
General characteristics: 

  • Extradosed type structural system
  • Total length: 602 m, 
  • Box height: 4.0 m, 
  • Concrete for the supporting structure: C60/75, 
  • Reinforcement steel: B500 C – B500SP, 
  • Prestressing steel: Y1860S7. 

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